Highcrest Management Group partners with and invests in strong management teams and businesses that have the potential to become dominant industry leaders. We are passionate about helping companies grow. We have observed that while companies can develop very quickly into small businesses, they require additional support and resources to eventually become multi $100 million businesses.

Differentiated Model

We set out to build an innovative investment model that would repeatedly propel companies to higher levels of growth. This was based on the principle that creating long-term value comes largely from building operational excellence over a sustained period of time.

Traditionally, private equity firms primarily provide just capital and strategic guidance to their portfolio companies. We believe that in today’s environment companies require more than that to generate long-term growth and value.

Companies looking to scale need an investment model that consistently provides operating leverage and a patient approach through each level of growth.

Shared Services Group

We built a core group of resources that constantly expands operational excellence and capacity in companies to support growth. It is both a theoretical and practical approach; the group not only helps to develop strategic initiatives, but also provides the resources to implement those plans. It is a repeatable process that helps companies scale through each inflection point of growth.

In constructing this group, we drew upon our experience both in the investing world and with world-class corporations that combined the best approaches of delivering services: management consulting, outsourcing and shared resource groups. In addition, our approach relies on the best practices like utilizing technology, Six Sigma methodologies and lean manufacturing processes, but specifically tailored for smaller companies.

The Shared Services Group provides a perpetual source of value-added services and best-in-class operations. This group consists of market-leading businesses owned by Highcrest that work closely together. These types of resources are rarely available to most small to mid-sized businesses.

Long-Term Value Building

The process of building operating excellence does not happen overnight, but requires a sustained period of continual improvements. We have built an investment approach that supports our long-term view of creating sustainable value.

Unlike most traditional private equity funds, our capital is primarily from family offices investment group and structured to support our patient investment strategy. We have the flexibility to tailor our investments to what is best for management and the company. Furthermore, the needs of the businesses determine our investment horizons rather than external competing factors.

Spirit of Partnership

Our innovative investment model, including our Shared Services Group and a long-term strategy, is what make our collaboration with companies so strong. The alignment of interests between investors and managers creates a spirit of partnership that leads to long-term success.

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