Shared Services Group

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Full Suite of Services

Our Shared Services Group can build substantial value for our companies by providing a suite of both front- and back-office capabilities. These are scalable processes that increase capacity to most functional areas of an organization. The group augments existing teams and processes to provide the needed support to achieve growth goals.

The group takes a consultative approach to determine what resources are needed for each company. Our management consulting services are central to managing and developing a road-map to implement services. Companies have the flexibility to leverage these services as needed from à la carte to fully integrated operations.

Delivering Value Beyond Cost Reduction

The Shared Services Group’s value proposition goes beyond just cost savings to building more strategic, best-in-class operations. This enables leaders and businesses to focus on their core competencies and invest in business-building activities rather than fixate on maintaining current status quo of running the business.

The Shared Services Group builds sustainable value for companies through three key ways:

Cost Savings

The pooling of centralized, shared resources and efficient processes can create immediate scale in operations and reduction in operating expenses. This variable cost structure – because of the flexible integration model – means little upfront investment for companies. The group delivers services in a variety of ways with both onsite and remote capabilities.

Best-in-Class Operations

The group has developed a consistent approach to building operational excellence. Having a family of companies under a common ownership allows us to ensure the highest quality of services while also working closely together. They maintain best-in-class services by working with hundreds of customers requiring a continual development of their knowledge-base and skills. This approach can improve a company’s performance to best-practice levels without increasing cost structure, regardless of company size.

Growth Acceleration

Reaching scalability in operations allows companies to invest more in business-building activities. Resources can be redeployed to sales, marketing and product-development initiatives.

Collaborating with Management to Implement a Growth Playbook

As companies scale, the Shared Services Group provides both the strategic and operational resources to accelerate growth. Drawing upon our first-hand experience of managing growth companies, we have developed a consistent approach for working closely with management teams to implement a growth playbook.

From strategy through execution, the group can continually provide a scalable infrastructure for both front- and back-office capabilities to support growth.

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